My Christmas List

Hello Santa,

I realize that you are a very busy man. Working without relenting through out the year is no easy task.

Because you are quite busy, I just thought that I could make it a bit easier for you by letting you know what I’d like for Christmas. Then you could focus your energy on attending to other people.

So here’s my list:

1. A phone. Santa, you know more than anyone how both my phones are giving me problems. You call several times, and many of those times, you had not been able to speak with me. The Blackberry battery runs out after three hours of mild activity.The Nokia I started to use in June 2014 just switches off, and refuses to come back on for hours. More than any other gift, I want a phone.

2. Agbani’s Collection.
You know how I have wanted the jeans on the AD line for, well, forever. And yes, it’s now in Nigeria (Darn it! I just check on Konga – it is no longer available)!But knowing you have super powers, I’m back to my 29 (waist), 40 (length)

Alternate items on the AD line I’d like are

3. Devotionals by Elizabeth George (available at Laterna Ventures, VI). Any of the 30-day devotionals apart from ‘A woman after God’s own heart, and the one about Esther and Mary)

4. A Bible (New Living Translation)

5. Perfumes (Florentyna by Marks & Spencer; Splendor by Elizabeth Arden)

So that’s it, Santa.

Oh yes, if you decide to offer some other gift on the fashion line, I remain a size 6 ( I gained a bit of weight last December, and it almost caused problems).

Much love, and see you at Christmas.


2 Replies to “My Christmas List”

  1. Whoops!

    I attended a wedding ceremony at Jhalobia Gardens, Off the International Airport, Ikeja, and my Nokia phone fell out of my snazzy Italian purse.

    Santa, help!!!

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