THE #TheSW30 30-Day Blogging Challenge

The past few days have been particularly tough for me.

One of the first comments I got from someone who knew this blog is about “ME” asked that I changed my writing style to third-person. I thought, and thought about it, then decided not to. A lot of what I share – my successes and gaffes; bliss and disappointments – are all intended to encourage a lady somewhere, a “wall flower like me who spent a little longer time to bloom, but nonetheless, shines so beautifully.


Maybe soon, I’ll write about what the past weeks have been like.

Anyways, I had been watching some of Steve Harvey’s #DateYourHusband on Youtube, then saw a video about Maddy Hale at the bottom-left of the screen, and went on to watch it.

Maddy is a Blogger turned New York Times best-selling author and speaker. According to the video, she had hoped to be married by the time she was 25, but “those days had since sailed away”.

I looked her up, saw this #TheSW30 30-day blogging challenge and decided to take it up. Some questions look easy; some others a lot difficult.

It will keep me busy, get me thinking, and hopefully on a path to being a more content single me.

Here’s the link, in case you are up for it also:


I’m not really sure how copyrights work….but just so I do not get sued for using a picture I did not take, I hope it is enough to acknowledge that I got this picture from×1050/gardens/seat-wall-flowers.jpg


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