Day 4. #TheSW30 Challenge

day 4

I have really, really, really tried to find an answer to this.

It is not a question I had considered before. Maybe because I know life is in stages. Sometimes you are ahead, sometimes behind.  Everyone has their race to run. It neither helps me in anyway nor make senses for me to compare myself with others. Comparing yourself is a sure way to go down, down, down.

A colleague had been married for over six years, and had been childless all along. Her mates may have been pregnant before they got married; or had a baby exactly nine months after. She had her babies in her seventh year of marriage – twin boys. When anyone looks at her today, like her mates, does she not have two kids also? Just like her mates?

What will I be afraid of? Maybe missing out on intimacy would be it. I want my own sounding board; my one-man cheer-leading squad.

He’ll come, I’m sure of it. So, I’m not afraid. I’m waiting and trusting, and committing to live my life to the fullest until I enter a different stage of life.

On a droll note, maybe what I should be afraid of is bashing someone’s head one day.


They say ‘you are not mature’ which is why you are not married. They say ‘you have character flaws’ which is why you are not married. You should go learn to be better; go learn to give; go learn to serve, etc. And make being single a defect.

Someone wanted to assign a task at work one day, and said he wanted to give it to a mature person. So he said ‘me or x’. Then he said ‘give x. she is married, so she is more mature’.

Just one example.


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