Day 5: #TheSW30 Challenge continues


…That I have no worries.

They believe I do not have financial burdens, am not responsible for anyone and pretty much do as I please.

I won’t go into details of who I am responsible for, or where I am committed. Not here. If you are in my personal space, you will know.

A friend/colleague was having a three-way conversation with me and another colleague sometime back. And then, she says to me, ‘well, you don’t have any worries.’ I smiled. ‘Really?’

And say, ‘well, when my rent is due, I worry about it by MYSELF. Or when I have to meet an obligation, I worry about it by myself. When I am broke, I am broke by myself. When YOU are broke, you are not worrying about your rent by yourself. There is a helper, someone pitching in. You won’t always be the one taking a loan by yourself. Someone else (I assume you have married a financially responsible man) is also making an effort to make ends meet. So do not go running about how I do not have any worries’.

So my friend says ‘Oh. I never thought about it like that.’ I kept quiet and returned to work.

I am not saying it is all rosy in marriage… But to say ‘I have no worries cos I’m single?!’ I am a responsible adult.

Responsible. And that comes with associated worries.


2 Replies to “Day 5: #TheSW30 Challenge continues”

  1. That’s a single lady problem right there.
    It’s, true that some single ladies only live for themselves, I’ve met some of those. However, others still have so much responsibilities that they’re monthly income goes as fast as it comes.

    I guess being married, you get to share that with someone else and not carry the weight solo.

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