Day 7, #TheSW30 Challenge. Whew!


Well, I thought I’d have moved to Corporate Finance by now. I still am in e-Business.

I expected to be at CFA Level 3. I’m just finally gearing up for Level 2.

I did hope I’d be living at Oniru now. I’m not.

I thought I’d be in a firmly committed relationship by now (yeah, it wasn’t in my plan to marry at 21. LOL)

Very important, I thought I’d have completed my MSc Finance. Again, just applying.

I hoped to have started my ministry with female teens. I’m waiting until the end of the year to get it done (because I need to seem some things working out first, so I can be sure of 100percent commitment, not because I’m delaying anymore).

That’s it in a nutshell.

I must be quick to state that I am extremely grateful to God for where I am now. I have fouled up some, but He kept me, has helped me, and am grateful for the successes and profits of my life.


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