Day 12, #theSW30 Challenge



I don’t know.

I was telling someone earlier today that Mandy Hale wants to kill me… some of these challenges are hard. I just live life daily, you know? Be the best I can be, give help where I can, lend a hand if possible, and appropriately earn my salary.

I don’t recall actively doing anything that I will do the ‘proud thingy’ on.

Well, let’s see:

Maybe one time at work when I was going out of my way to get a procedure completed, and someone else then reported it. My overall boss at the time makes a comment in her notebook. Later on, the process becomes part of our standard operating procedure, and a few months later, I am promoted at work.

There have been several instances where I reached out to folks – a sense to do so, a ‘knowing’ they were down or maybe I wrote about something. When I get feedback on how those words healed, or encouraged them, there is fulfillment. I am so thrilled to help someone get back on their feet.

Or when I surprise someone. I do surprises really well. Especially when the surprise – gift, party or note – has them feeling good.

I get feedback that I have really impacted people, and at the end of the day, that is what really matters, isn’t it?

Not when I finished from school – I had no say in that. My parents hurried through – it wasn’t my achievement. Not the job or salary or land or whatever it is.

Can I just go?

My current crush listen: Turn your lights down low. Enjoy.


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