Day 18, #TheSW30 Challenge


It really is okay to be a wall flower.Wallflower

Blooming vibrant rose, or subtle wall flower, we each bring our distinctiveness into this world.

Everyone has their own drama. While, yes, maybe sometimes your load may be hard to carry, learn to put a smile on your face.

Be quick to shrug off people who are irritating, full of shit themselves and think that the world revolves around them.

Be quick to discern what is within your ability to control, and pay attention to only those. That which is outside your control, let go of .

Do a Master’s degree before doing CFA. CFA will take a whole lot out of you, and several years will be gone, and you will still have not achieved anything… because CFA needs at least 3 years of exams and four years of on-the-job experience. In two years, if part-time Master’s degree, you would have completed the degree, yeah? I know how you like to jump in with both feet before thinking through sometimes. But in this one, take it from me: Masters before CFA.

Make a conscious effort to build experiences. Club. Meet people who share different perceptions from yours, and genuinely see their angle. Love. Give back. Go out. See the world. You will be only in your 20s once. Give yourself at least two treats. Travel to Italy, Rome, Gambia… You will always have huge expenses, and they won’t come down. Somehow, you will find a way to make the math all add up after you have decided to spend some of your money on travel.

Have fun, darling.

Current Crush song: Davido’s Fall

Current Read: Project Management Secrets by Matthew Batchelor


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