Day 20, #TheSW30 Challenge


Oh man…..

Still A.

If you do not know A, read here.

I truly have closed the chapter of him. I have moved on, and have no desire whatsoever to go back there. Truly.

And I just have to put this up:


Here’s what I learnt: to fight back. If someone is going to walk away from me in the future, I am going break a bottle (maybe a couple), swing a mean bat against the back of their skull, and call a couple of guys to visit him on his street to sort his fu want to know why.

I deserve to know why.

I deserve more than a generic goodbye hug. I deserve more than ghosting. I deserve more than the void he is going to leave me with. I deserve more than having to question myself.

He can walk away, but I will ask questions, and will not feel weak for wanting to know WHY.


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