Day 22, #TheSW30 Challenge




The all levels of cool you are supposed to be. You can’t be clingy. You are supposed to be independent.  You are not supposed to need them. You should be faithful, but not having expectations from them. You do not bring any of your drama to them. You should be fun. Hip. Sexy. Suave. Not jealous.



Is it too much to want to assume?

I am Taurean! I thrive on stability.

I want to assume.

I want to assume my weekends will be with you.

I want to assume I can send you a discount voucher for an out-of-town trip taking place during the next public holiday, knowing that we can work towards the trip together.

We should get to a point where I no longer wonder, ‘will we hang out this weekend?’, but instead think, ‘what will we be doing this weekend?’

Modern dating permits none of that.



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