Day 25, #TheSW30 Challenge

Day 25.jpg

This is one of the challenges that just stumps me.

Inspiration just came!

Several years ago, it so happened that somehow I had just enough money to get me to Iyana Ipaja. It would have been say an hour’s trek from there on home. Maybe I had only N50 at Iyana Ipaja, and had to take ‘standing’ in the molue. Or maybe I asked a guy I do not know and he was the one who gave me that N50. I really do not remember.

But I try to give money to those I believe are genuinely needing funds for transportation.

And particularly women.

Lord sees my heart that I have a genuine spot for women in need.


A touch of randomness. 

I love the movie ‘Moana’… I watched bits of it when I struggled with finding happy  last Thursday. Here are some of the lessons I had learnt in the movie. They are also on my Twitter handle.

#Moana1 You have to strongly enough believe in your dream. Some nights will be very lonely, with no encouraging grandmother or cheerful fellow voyagers.

#Moana2 They may have stolen the heart from inside you, but that does not define you. This is not who you are. Do not life steal your joy.

I am eager to finish this SW30 challenge. I have started another challenge… a 30-days Happiness ‘doing’ Challenge and will like to share some of what is going on.

And for some more random, I woke up this morning wanting some Betty Wright in my life. You really should listen to this.

Take life easy. And choose integrity, really. It is the only way to go.


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