Day 16, #TheSW30 Challenge

On knowing me…. I’m learning to be comfortable, truly comfortable in who I say I am. I am learning to fit into a new role, to rise above procrastination, and to manage my time better. When I tell you that it is most important to achieve results and that no one is really interested in …


Just a Little Deeper.

Last night was another cry for help. It was a cry alright, coated with a smile and sunny optimism. I was told to sit back, and make the best of it. Do you see how desperate I am?

Final Thoughts….

🙂 Unto God be all the glory, honour and adoration. The past year has had several successes and knocks. Hard knocks.   HARD KNOCKS Life doesn't enroll you into classes to prepare you ahead for some experiences, does it? How to handle loosing a loved one; how to handle being molested; or a sudden job …