Day 19, #TheSW30 Challenge

I love to play. Really, folks find that hard to believe. I have a really “serious” face, stemming from previous ‘I cannot see’ bad eyesight thing from my younger years and more recently the horrid experiences at work that caused me to pretty much stop smiling during office hours (and you know office hours is …


Day 18, #TheSW30 Challenge

It really is okay to be a wall flower. Blooming vibrant rose, or subtle wall flower, we each bring our distinctiveness into this world. Everyone has their own drama. While, yes, maybe sometimes your load may be hard to carry, learn to put a smile on your face. Be quick to shrug off people who …

Just a Little Deeper.

Last night was another cry for help. It was a cry alright, coated with a smile and sunny optimism. I was told to sit back, and make the best of it. Do you see how desperate I am?