Day 10, #theSW30 Challenge


I know the meaning of my name. Well, sort of.

‘A child makes a home’

I was given the name because my folks had been trying for a child, and it seemed I did not come as quickly as they wanted, and they were already feeling like they were against the world. So, I made them a family, a home.

Anyways, I thought to visit Google to see if I’d find something that worked. Well, I did. And it was eerily accurate. See here for Google’s meaning.

Is this me? A Loyal, managing, preferring a small and intimate circle of friends; honest; not afraid of solitude; genuine; self controlled, hard-working lady? An organized perfectionist? A people(who-matter-to-me) pleaser? Yes, also an overly sensitive, detached, and apprehensive. The Holy Spirit is working in me, and I continually renew my mind.

But, yes, o yes, my name absolutely fits the person that I am.


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