Day 26, #TheSW30 Challenge

I want to be relevant. I want to go to bed daily, knowing that that I gave the best that I possibly could to resolving all tasks that I have ahead of me. I want to go to bed each night, knowing that I have lived each day to the fullest, that I loved the …


Day 25, #TheSW30 Challenge

This is one of the challenges that just stumps me. Inspiration just came! Several years ago, it so happened that somehow I had just enough money to get me to Iyana Ipaja. It would have been say an hour’s trek from there on home. Maybe I had only N50 at Iyana Ipaja, and had to …

Day 23, #TheSW30 Challenge

  To this, I am going to need to refer you to Day 5 of this challenge.   I try not to allow the smallness in the mind of some married folks who have bestowed the “no worries single life mark” on me, and I just move on.