In The Crowd

It was Afropolitan Vibes Friday night. I was there with A. I kept seeing glimpses of you in every other dark, tall bearded man that passed by me in the crowd. And hearing your voice.


A Wealthy Community

I woke up this morning, and for reasons I want to keep private, I fell into a sad mood. Wondering how, and if and what. It has been a lean week and, trying to make ends meet, I chose not purchase data on my phone. I gave deliberateness my best shot, playing music that really …


He wasn’t as lucid with me as he thought he was, but he never lied. I did not build sand castles. I liked him enough to want to build, and we had spent time enough to develop affection for each other. I had hoped that we would. I really wanted things to work out different. …

On Staying Strong

Some days, you see stuff that is the fuel you need to stay strong. I saw this today. It spoke to me at such depths. Stay strong, folks. Try to step back when you need to and protect your mental space. Guard your peace. Good WILL come, and your joy will be complete.