Welcome, 2018

I am so grateful for 2018! 2017 started with me resuming into a new role at work, and that came with a lot of adjustments. It was mostly new, and I had a hard time adjusting to learning new and my leadership position. It was also different, learning under someone who reported to me. It …


Time to Catch Up

One of my resolutions of 2018 is to write at four posts in each month. I have consistently written or dictated (you'll see how that has panned out though, soon) but as I no longer have continued access to the internet, and the laptop I use is a lot more less accessible, I have not …

Day 23, #TheSW30 Challenge

  To this, I am going to need to refer you to Day 5 of this challenge.   I try not to allow the smallness in the mind of some married folks who have bestowed the “no worries single life mark” on me, and I just move on.